On-site Pastiches

Odds and Evens -- by Daniel A. Antidormi. [Oct. 26, 2005]

Diogenes Club Found Page -- by Daniel A. Antidormi. [June 27, 2005]

The Case of Attempted Vendetta -- by Vishakha Sharma [April 4, 2005]

The Adventure of the Haunting Bride -- by James C. Bernthal [March 6, 2005]

The Adventure of the Tottenham Court Road Waif -- by Richard Hunter [March 1, 2005]

The Game of Chance -- by Daniel A. Antidormi. [Jan. 7, 2005]

A Christmas Stocking -- by Daniel A. Antidormi. [Nov. 11, 2004]

To My Distinguished Readers -- by Mme. Jocasta [Oct. 1, 2004]

Kathy's Mystery -- by Daniel A. Antidormi. [June 12, 2004]

The Adventure of The West End Gourmet -- by Richard Hunter [March 25, 2004]

Found Pages -- by Daniel A. Antidormi. [Dec. 18, 2003]

The Visit -- by Daniel A. Antidormi. [Nov. 12, 2003]

The Meeting -- by Daniel A. Antidormi. [Oct. 26, 2003]

The Party -- by Daniel A. Antidormi. [Oct. 26, 2003]

The Adventure of the Crimson Lady -- by Belle Book. One of the best cross-over fanfic pastiches I've ever read! [May 19, 2001]

Criminal's Eyes, an alternative point of view -- by Ros Mayhew. A really alternative point of view! [March 18, 2000]

Watson's Finances -- by Miss Roylott [March 4, 2000]

The Curious Affair of Milverton's Maid -- by John H. Watson, M.D. (edited by Helen Krummenacker). A promise comes back to haunt Holmes... [August 15, 1999]

The Adventure of the McManus Murder Case -- by John H. Watson, M.D. (edited by Jason Sudlow Hicks, M.S.). [May 5, 1999]

Adventure of the Baker Street Regulars -- Nine parts of a novel-in-progress by young author J. Elamparo. These are in Microsoft Word format.[Feb. 5, 2000]

The Really Final Solution -- by Nick Pollotta. Previously published in Marvin Kaye's The Game Is Afoot anthology. [Nov. 3, 1998]

The Repulsive Story of the Red Leech -- as edited by Mark W. Plemmons. Eeuughh... [Nov. 11, 1997]

The Dundas Separation Case -- by Sonia Fetherston. [May 13, 1998]

The Drop-In Guest -- by Raymond M. Rose. Holmes has a rather large, jolly client. [Feb. 22, 1998]

The Letter from Wittgenstein -- by Magnus Kvant. This is in MS Word format, so you can either download it or view it directly from the web using a word processor that understands Word format. [Jan. 9, 1999]

The Case of the Winning Woman -- The first two chapters in a work in progress by Rebecca Bohner (nee Anderson). A very interesting premise, Rebecca! [Sept. 14, 1997]

Russellian pastiches -- stories based on the Mary Russell / Sherlock Holmes books by Laurie King.

Reminiscences of Miss Helen Stoner -- an excerpt from a novel-in-progress by Huong Nguyen. [Sept. 15, 1997]

Reichenbach -- an excerpt from a novel-in-progress by Huong Nguyen, following the events in the previous installment. [Sept. 14, 1997]

Silver Daze -- Are you pondering what I'm pondering? [Sept. 15, 1997]

The Modesty Blaze -- by Brad Keefauver. A terrific parody on one of the best Holmes stories. [Sept. 19, 1998]

The Case of the Roman Numerals -- A five-part unfinished chain pastiche by the Hounds of the Internet, written in 1994-95. E-mail me if you wish to add to it... [Sept. 15, 1997]

The Sharpened Tongue -- by Magnus Kvant. What does Sherlock Holmes have to do with Swedish policewomen, dead frogs, and the EC? Find out! Read it in Swedish! [Sept. 8, 1998]

Before Watson -- Holmes and the big purple guy? [April 20, 1998]

A Study in Sawdust -- by Cornelius Christian, a 9-year-old Canadian author. [Sept. 15, 1997]

Sherlock Brownie and the Rat of Baskerville's -- also by Cornelius Christian [Sept. 14, 1997]

Sherlock Holmes is On the Case -- by Kayla O'Conner. [Sept. 14, 1997]

The Adventure of The Chess Game -- by Josh Britton. [May 6, 1998]

The Adventure of John Habakuk Jephson's Statement -- anonymous, adapted by Peter Wood. [May 6, 1998]

The Adventure of the Boulevard Assassin -- by Sarah G. Hadley. [May 6, 1998]

The Adventure of the Disappearing Sovereign, by Terry Klasek. [Sept. 15, 1997]

The Adventure of the Zayat Kiss, by Terry Klasek -- the first part of a pastiche which pits Sherlock Holmes against an... oriental sorcerer?

The Case of the Missing Stradivarius -- by Carl Heifetz. [Sept. 15, 1997]

Sherlock Holmes and the Magic Bullett -- by Carl Heifetz. Paul Ehrlich meets... Herr Sigerson? [Sept. 14, 1997]

Off-site Pastiches

Sherlock in Chicago -- by John McDonnell. [Jan. 20, 2004]

The Case of the Mysterious Painting -- by Don Conlan. [Sept. 6, 2003]

The Case of the Japanese Ghost -- by Don Conlan. [Sept. 6, 2003]

The Sherluck Bones Mystery Detective Books. [Feb. 22, 2003]

Dave Scott's Tales of Sherlock Holmes. [June 10, 2002]

The Adventures of Heather Key -- by John McDonnell. [Sept., 2000 - June, 2001]

Armchair Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes -- by Alan Downing. This collection of Sherlock Holmes pastiches covers a wide range of well-researched themes based on turn-of-the-century forensic science, historical events and unusual true cases. Each story features interesting and logical deductions that often allow the reader to match wits with Sherlock Holmes.

The Invisible Message -- by Sundar Narayan.

The Yorkshire Cricketers -- by Sundar Narayan.

Stories by Bob Byrne.

Stories by Dovie Reynolds -- Dovie has written and posted seven pastiches (!), at last count.

Sherlock Holmes and the Seven Ghosts -- by Casey Fahy.

The Invisible Message -- by Sundar Narayan.

The Yorkshire Cricketers -- by Sundar Narayan.

It is a Question of Aperture -- by Dr. John H. Watson, edited by Jim Ferreira.

The Moor - a sneak preview of the fourth volume in Laurie R. King's Mary Russell series.

Holmes and Watson -- A very funny excerpt from a play by Lee Shackleford.

The Adventure of the Amateur Mendicant Society -- by John Gregory Betancourt

Moriarty by Modem -- by Jack Nimersheim.

The Case of the Detective's Smile -- by Mark Bourne.

The Adventure of Damascus Rode -- The Real Lost 61st Story of the Holy Writ -- by Mel Hughes

Convergence at Baker Street - X-File/Holmes Crossover Pastiche --by Jeannine Ackerson.

The Detective in Montana - Holmes, Watson & the Little Big Horn --by Bruce A. Trinque.

The Lost Special -- by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

IMITATION: Steel True, Blade Straight* -- by Huong Nguyen.

Young sherlock holmes: the fakts -- by H.E. Elsom.

The Case of the Missing Ten Pounds -- by John Price

Holmes minor and GURLS: the sordid truth -- by H.E. Elsom.

Irene to Agatha -- by H.E. Elsom.

Sherlock Holmes and the Brown Mountain Lights -- by James McKay Morton.

The Adventure Of The Missing Scholar -- by Eleanor Chorley.

Mysteries of the Earth - if Sherlock Holmes had been a geologist -- by Larry Meinert's classes.

The Adventure of the Winning Woman -- by Maryann Boyle Murray.

Shaping of a Detective -- by Angelina

Sherlockian Parodies at Gaslight.

The Lady of Shalott's Pastiche Collection

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