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Welcome to The Hive! No, this page doesn't really have anything to do with honeybees, but if you have read The Beekeeper's Apprentice you will understand why there's a bee up there. This (now defunct) website is devoted to third-party writings based on a series of novels by Laurie R. King involving Mary Russell... oh, and a certain Victorian detective named Sherlock Holmes. For a thorough introduction to The Hive and what it was all about, read Laura Schmidt's essay, "The Hive: Exploring an Online Community."

The Hive opened May 4, 1998 and closed November 5, 2006 due to the influx of more fiction than its humble proprietor could manage in his increasingly chaotic life. The Hive will remain online indefinitely as a tribute to the many talented authors who have published here over the years.

Most of the contributing authors were members of the listserv RUSS-L, an off-shoot of the Hounds of the Internet discussion group, and/or Letters of Mary, a forum devoted to Russell/Holmes appreciative literature.

Read and enjoy.


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